Bread Soup


Black cabbage
Verza cabbage
Herbs: leeks, onions, celery, carrots, basil, parsley
Yellow pumpkin
Cannellini beans already cooked with their cooking water
Thyme & Spices
Stale bread in thin slices


Slice the bread from the day before (stale bread) in thin slices and put it to dry at room temperature for a few days until it gets crispy.

Fry all the herbs with a lot of extra virgin olive-oil. Add the black cabbage and the verza cabbage and sauté with the herbs for a few minutes. Add beans, some hot water and the tomatoes. Add the thyme and the spices, salt and cook for 7/8 hours.

When the soup is ready, take a large pan and put a layer of stale bread and then sprinkle with plenty of soup and broth. Continue the layers at will and finally serve with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Alternatively, put everything on low heat and cook while stirring frequently until it comes to a boil. Add extra virgin olive-oil.