Vin Santo of Chianti Classico DOC


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We could call it "Nectar of the Gods" for the intense flavor that the Vin Santo leaves on the palate... The Vin Santo is one of the most famous Italian dessert wine, whose origins are inextricably linked to the Tuscan enological heritage. Scented and sweet, with an intense character and a bright color, it originated in Tuscany from ancient production methods that represent a true heritage of native wisdom. It has a higher alcohol content than regular wines. It is a great wine to accompany various desserts or dry pastry, as well as mature cheeses; our tradition, however, wants it to be consumed together with the "Cantuccini", typical Tuscan almond biscuits, which should be enjoyed soaked in Vin Santo.

Tasting Notes

Its color sways from straw yellow to intense amber tones. It comes with a harmonious and velvety flavor, genuine and sweet. It is said that the Vin Santo knows how to keep the secrets of those who taste it...

100% Trebbiano.

The Vin Santo is traditionally produced by wilting grape clusters over mats of reed until the month of December. This process allows the grapes to naturally remove their water and thus concentrate the sugar contained in them. Then, the grapes are pressed and the must is transferred to 100-litre oak barrels and allowed to mature in them for a period of 6-7 years.

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