3 LITERS-CAN of Chianti Classico's DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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3-LITERS CAN. Olives harvested on October 2020.

For 50 years our company has been producing olive oil with commitment and rigor using traditional methods in full respect of nature and its processes.

Terre di Perseto oil is obtained only from olives produced in our farm and from olive trees of the Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino varieties. The area of cultivation of Terre di Perseto for the production of oil covers an area of 3 hectares.

The D.O.P. mark (Protected Designation of Origin) applies to productions where the entire production cycle from the raw material to the finished product. It is carried out within a well-defined geographical area and therefore can not be reproduced outside of it.

Olio Chianti Classico DOP

The nature of the land, the exposure and the climate of the Chianti Classico area guarantee the production of a unique olive oil with exceptional organoleptic characteristics.

Tasting Notes

Intense olive-green in the mouth it has a slightly spicy intense taste with a light and elegant bitter note in the finish. Hints of vegetables, artichoke and fresh almonds.

Chemical Characteristics:
Acidity: less than 0.20% in oleic acid.

Collection and Pressing:
Our olives are harvested in the period from October to December. The harvest is carried out strictly by hand to avoid damaging the fruit. Thanks to a last generation pressing plant, the olives are vacuum-processed, thus obtaining an oil with extraordinary organoleptic and nutritional qualities. The pressing is carried out on the same day of harvest to guarantee the excellent quality and maintain the fruity scents.

Limestone Alberese.

Olive Varieties:
Moraiolo, Leccino Frantoio and Pendolino.

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